Bigg Boss and It’s History


                      In this article, we are going to start with the greatest TV show in India which is Bigg Boss. In this article, I’ll tell you what it is about and its history from the start. In 2021 Bigg boss 15 all episodes are going to be telecasted live at this site Bigg Boss 15 hd episodes will be daily telecasted on time from its beginning. Bigg Boss 15 full episodes will be telecasted here on time for free and if you want to watch bigg boss 15 live must watch this website daily. But now we will discuss what is Bigg boss and its history and the winners of the big boss live since the start.

Bigg Boss and It’s History

Bigg Boss;

               Bigg Boss in an Indian reality tv drama show. It is produced by EndemolShine India through Viacom 18 and Colors Tv. It is telecasted daily on Colors Tv. In India, it is telecasted in seven local languages which include Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannada.

The show starts with a number of contestants which are filtered through time and at the end of the season on the last episode the winner is decided. It all starts from the contestants are taken to a house and they all live in the house for that specific time period. While living there the connection with the outer world is cut off and it is just to imagine that what would happen if we have to live in a house without any connection to the world.

Voting is done there at the end of every week through which after some time the contestants are removed and at the end, one winner is decided. The winning guy is the one who has been most successful in the environment at the time. He is awarded the cash prize.

(The contestants living there are monitored through cameras and the audio recording microphones)

Bigg Boss and It’s History

Owner of Bigg Boss;

Bigg Boss is a Hindi (Bollywood) adaption of Big Brother created in the Netherlands by John de Mol Jr., largely based on the Celebrity Big Brother model owned by the Endemol Shine Group.

Pay of Contestants;

                                 The winner in the show gets a massive amount but each of the participants is paid 8 lakh which is paid during the first week of the contract. If someone gets eliminated immediately in the first week he/she will get the minimum signing amount. Most of the participants are local Indian celebrities. Every year the amount changes and let’s see what is it for bigg boss 15 live episodes.


      Bigg boss has the highest TRP in the Indian Television industry and it has a massive lead when it is telecasted. Last time it was on the top followed by Ye Rishta Kiya Kehlata ha.

Scripted or Not;

Biggboss is scripted or not is a big question that comes to every viewer’s mind. It is officially said that this show is not scripted and everything is just natural but if you want to ask about my opinion then I will say yes. It is scripted not completely but it is partially scripted because otherwise, people like Dimpi should not stay till the end.

  • This was the basic information about the Bigg boss show. Now we will have a look at its history because 14 seasons of big boss have been telecasted rather 14 successive seasons and now in 2021 bigg boss 15 live is going to be telecasted. Let’s move to the start of this game show.

History of Bigg Boss;

                                    Bigg boss was first started in Hindi. It was first telecasted on November 3, 2006. In the start in 2006, it was hosted by Arshad Warsi and was telecasted by Sony Entertainment Television which is now telecasted on Colors Tv. In the first season 50 cameras were used in the house. Bigg boss has been telecasted at 3 different houses now it was first telecasted in 2006 at Lonavla in Maharashtra (Season 1 to 4 and 6 to 12), in Karjat (Season 5), in Goregaon (Season 13). Let’s have a look at the last 14 seasons of Biggboss.

Winners of Bigg Boss;

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                     Till Yet 14 seasons of Bigg Boss have been telecasted and here are we going to see the 14 winners of the 14 seasons from the start.

  1. The first winner of Bigg boss 1st season In 2006 was Bollywood actor Rahul Roy.
  2. Shilpa Shetty was the the host in 2nd season in 2008 and the winner was Ashutosh Kaushik who won a 1 crore winning prize.
  3. In 2009 the 3rd season was hosted by Amitab Bachan and the winner of the season was Vindu Dara Singh who won a 1 crore prize.
  4. In the 4th season of Bigg boss famous Bollywood actor Salman khan hosted the show and after that, till now he is the host of Bigg Boss. It is said that the highest TRP which big boss has gained was in season 4. The winner of the season was Shewita Tewari who won 10 Million Indian rupees.
  5. In season 5 in 2011, Sanjay Dat also hosted together with Salman Khan and the winner of this season was Juhi Parmar.
  6. In the 6th season Salman khan again hosted the show and the winner was Urvashi Dholakia.
  7. The 7th season in 2013 was the longest season of Bigg Boss which lasted for almost 15 weeks and the season was won by Gauahar Khan the famous actress.
  8. In the 8th season in 2014, Salman Khan started as a host but then left due to some reasons, and then the show was hosted by Farah Khan and the winner of the 8th season was Gautam Gulati.
  9. In 2015 which was the 9th season of the telecast of Bigg Boss the show was again hosted by Salman Khan and this time the winner was the Prince Naurula.
  10. In the 10th season of bigg boss in 2016, the winner was the Commoner Manveer Gurjar. This was the historic season because this was the first season when commoners were allowed to participate in the show.
  11. 11th season winner in 2017 was won by Shilpa Shindi.
  12. The 12th season winner in 2018 was Dipika Kakar.
  13. The 13th season winner in 2019 was Sidhart Shukla who won a prize of 50 lakh.
  14. Bigg boss season 14 hosted by Salman Khan was won by Rubina and the prize was of 36 lakhs.
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  16. Bigg Boss and It’s History
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