Questions and Queries about BB and Bigg boss 15

Questions and Queries about BB and Bigg boss 15


                        Bigg boss is an Indian drama serial that is the most popular drama among Indians. It gets a very high TRP every year. So here we are with another article related to Bigg boss(If you want to watch Bigg boss 15 online then must save this website. We will be telecasting Bigg boss 15 hd episodes live since its starts in September hopefully). In this particular article, we will be telling you about the questions and queries which people generally have in their mind and the rumors which are spread in society. We will be making your every doubt according to the information from our sources. If you still have any doubt after reading the article you must tell us in the comment section.


So for this purpose, we have divided the article into two parts. In the first parts, we will tell you the answers to the Rumors and most asked questions about the Bigg boss 15 Show. In the 2nd part, we will be talking about the Bigg boss 15 Serial which is going to be telecasted this year hopefully. Many talks have been around since the end of the wonderful season of Bigg Boss 14 which was won by Rubina. We will describe briefly each and every question in this article.

Questions and Queries about BB and Bigg boss 15

So from this, we will move on to our first part…

  1. Queries about Bigg boss 15 Serial;
  • How much amount of money contestants are paid in the BB?

                                                                                        There is no proper salary in BB agreement are made with celebrities and the awards are given to winners and runner-ups. Last year’s winner award was 40 lakh rupees which were won by Rubinas.

  • Who is the owner of BB?

Bigg Boss 15 Serial is a Hindi (Bollywood) adaption of Big Brother created in the Netherlands by John de Mol Jr., largely based on the Celebrity Big Brother model owned by the Endemol Shine Group.

Questions and Queries about BB and Bigg boss 15

  • Where is Bigg boss house located?

                                                          There are three big boss houses which include Karjat, Lonavala, Goregaon.

  • Which season has the highest RTP of Biggboss?

                                                                                Season 4 of Bigg boss has gained the highest TRP since the start. This was the time when Salman Khan joined the show.

  • How much amount Salman Khan is paid for the Biggboss?

                                                                        With the fee increment, his new remuneration will be Rs 8.5 crore per episode, and he will take home a hefty sum of more than Rs 200 crore for the entire season.

  • Who is the richest person in the Bigg boss?

                                                                              According to our information, Neha Pendse is the richest person in the Bigg boss as a contestant.

  • How can I participate in Bigg boss?

                                                                In the early season’s commoners were not allowed in the show and celebrities were contacted by the Bigg boss officials but in this season commoners are participating and for that, you can give trials which were starting in May.

                                             As per a leading news publication, Manisha Sharma is the chief content officer of the Bigg Boss team.

  • Is BB a scripted show or not?

                                            Bigg boss is not a scripted show but sometimes from the decision of the judges and editing people think that this is a scripted show.

  • How much amount the Bigg boss winner is awarded?

                                                                                 There is no specific amount for this purpose. It is increased almost every year. In the previous season of Bigg boss, the winner got the amount of 40 Lakh Indian rupees.

  1. Queries about Bigg boss 15 Live;

  • What is Bigg boss 15 online starting date?

                                                                   Bigg boss 15 1st Episode starting date is not confirmed yet. There is no official statement from the authorities. Maybe there could be some delay in the show because of the Covid-19 pandemic but hopefully, the BB15 will start at the end of September.

  • Who are the contestant names for Bigg boss 15?

                                                                                  Bigg boss 15 live contestant names is the most discussed thing by the BB fans soon after the end of Bigg boss 14. Bigg boss 15 online contestant names have not been finalized yet but there are many rumors about different celebrities. This year 4 to 5 commoners will also be added and for this purpose, auditions will be done. We have made a list of Contestants according to our information and hopefully, you will see them entertaining us in the Bigg boss season 15.

  • What will be the theme of the House for Bigg boss 15 All Episodes?

                                                                                           For the past few months, there were rumors about the theme of the Bigg boss 15 house. BB15 theme would be of the jungle but that news is fake and according to our reports the theme for the Bigg boss 15 Latest Episode would be of college.

  • What will be the location of the house for BB15?
    Nowadays a discussion about the Bigg Boss 15 house has started. Different News was about the house that it will be shifted from Mumbai to Goa. But those are just rumors it will be recorded in Mumbai.
  • Who will host the Bigg boss 15 All Episodes?

                                                                  After the end of BB14 fake news were in the public that Salman khan will not be the host of the show this year but according to our resources, Salman khan who is hosting the show for the past 10 years will host the show this year too.

  • Commoners will be allowed in BB15?

                                                               Yes, 4 to 5 commoners will be included in the show and for their selection auditions would be done.

  • When will be the auditions of commoners and how can they apply?

                                                      The audition of the commoners was starting in the month of May and you can apply by the official zoom app or from the official website. You can also check our article which we have written only for this purpose.


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